residential and commercial projects

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MMEC Studio - Las Vegas, NV

conversion and construction of sprung dance floor and studio interior

Custom Closet Organizer - Las Vegas, NV

design, construction, and installation of closet organizer

Foam Celing Beams - Boulder City, NV

construction, installation, and painting of foam beams and logs

Arches in Kitchen - Las Vegas, NV

construction of arches and columns

Dental Office Desk - Las Vegas, NV

construction and installation of office desk

Plaster and Faux Painting - Las Vegas, NV

application of plaster and paint on walls

Office Reception Desk - Las Vegas, NV

construction of desk

Sky Painted Ceiling - Boulder City, NV

painting of realistic clouds on ceiling

Southwest Fireplace and Shelf Units - Boulder City, NV

construction of fireplace and shelf units

Southwest Walls and Ceiling - Las Vegas, NV

construction of built in shelving and beams. faux painting


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